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Horn Mountain Living : Relief Carved Doors

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Horn Mountain Living - Mountain Man Carved Door

DON'T BE DECEIVED -- “Original” and “hand carved” mean just that – no duplicating machines, molds or computers are used with my carving. A recent study of advertisements that claim “hand carved” showed that over 90% were done by machines.  Only the very last few minutes of finish work is done by hand, and your door or carving will look exactly like thousands of others. I also found that the machine-duplicated doors ran twice the price of my original custom carved doors.

Original design, handmade, custom interior or exterior doors are priced according to style, size, materials, and intricacy of the carving.

There are two ways to do this. Either you provide the slab to be carved, or I do. I work directly with your contractor for specifications and directly with you to provide an original design for the carvings.

Horn Mountain Living - Fishing Carved Door
Horn Mountain Living - Horses Carved Door
Horn Mountain Living - Tree Carved Door
Horn Mountain Living - Bear Cubs Carved Door
Horn Mountain Living - Elk Carved Door

Horn Mountain Living - Tree Carved Door


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