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  Horn Mountain Living : Fireplace Mantels

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Enhance the warmth of your fireplace by displaying your original, custom, hand-carved mantel.

Horn Mountain Living - Dancing Bears Mantel

Horn Mountain Living - Dancing Bears Mantel - Detail
Dancing Bears

DON'T BE DECEIVED -- “Original” and “hand carved” mean just that – no duplicating machines, molds or computers are used with my carving. A recent study of advertisements that claim “hand carved” showed that over 90% were done by machines. Only the very last few minutes of finish work is done by hand, and your mantel or carving will look exactly like thousands of others. I also found that the machine-duplicated mantels ran twice the price of my original custom carved ones.

There are many styles and options ... wood, carving, corbels, supporting posts, etc. I can carve an existing mantel, place a new, hollow one over it, provide the wood or use your own special piece.

By exchanging ideas and questions, I will assist you in choosing a unique mantel for your fireplace.
Horn Mountain Living - Mantel



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